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Working diligently to provide our students with a safe and positive learning environment that prepares children for the careers of tomorrow.

The three pillars of Pine Crest Elementary Magnet School of Innovation are:

Imagination is the first step in innovation.

Students brainstorming using circuits

At Pine Crest Elementary Magnet School of Innovation, we encourage our students to imagine the possibilities for themselves, their communities, and the world. Instruction using a design-thinking framework supports students as they learn to empathize with others, notice the problems around them, dig deep to understand, and the brainstorm all the possibilities and solutions.

Our teachers work to develop empowered learners who embrace divergent thinking and the power of working together to develop new ideas. Engaging students in the design-thinking process teaches them a framework to explore their ideas and helps create a school where students imagine a future with endless possibilities.


Paper Circuit Valentines at Magnet NightFrom experiencing far-off lands and deep sea caves in VR/AR to field trips to places like the Orlando Science Center, the Central Florida Zoo and Botanical Gardens, the Orlando Repertory Theatre, and Kennedy Space Center, our students participate in experiences that spark imagination.

Pine Crest Students engage in:

open-ended problem solving through Genius Hour

team building and cooperative learning

projects that allow them to have voice and choice in their learning